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Yes, there are withdrawal symptoms, but not everything blamed on withdrawal by benzobuddies. Things like muscle cramps and anxiety are believable symptoms, but hair loss, toenail fungus, and boils?

This is a great website if you want pity, but not very useful if you want valid information aboutwithdrawal. For example, the advice that withdrawal is protracted and lasts for years is nonsense!

Also, warning to avoid doctors because no doctor understands withdrawal is total nonsense. Telling people to avoid harmless supplements such as vitamin C is also nonsense.

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I belong to another medication withdrawal site. When you look at the symptoms that benzo WD can cause, it is not as simple as you want to make it seem.

Hair loss can happen during WD (withdrawal) severe stress can cause hair loss, so can anemia, and I have heard that other vitamin deficiencies can also cause hair loss (I just do not care to look it up). People in the throes of withdrawal frequently do not eat well, as they are too sick to get up and make a proper meal to eat. so many eat less, as discomfort in the abdomen (called "benzo belly") can make people not WANT to eat, and they generally cannot take multivitamins as it gives many the jitters, so yes, hair loss CAN happen, I do not know if the WD itself causes it or the other reasons I wrote about above. There can be some very bizarre side effects, and on the site I am on, they have a list of the most common WD signs/symptoms, and boils and fungus are NOT on there.

When I withdrew from benzo's I had over 30 symptoms (not all at the same time) and they were SEVERE. Please do not be so quick to dismiss every or any sign and symptom because you do not understand the physiology behind it. With the boil, depending on where it was, could be partially due to being bedbound. Maybe not being able to shower and exfoliate like usual caused.

So a boil was probably not CAUSED by WD, but maybe a side effect from being bedbound.

People ask such questions because they do not understand what is happening to their bodies, so they ask. Our brains do not function well during WD, so they will ask odd questions, I know I did!!


It's not that simple.Benzos deal with GABA receptors of the brain, which can affect every nerve in your body, creating strange withdraws in the body.

They CAN last for what seems like forever. Doctors usually prescribe the meds "as needed." Therefore, those looking for anxiety or any relief will take it whenever they feel the symptoms.

This is the downward spiral, as benzos lose their effectiveness rather quickly. Benzobuddies is just the same as AA or NA.

Everyone is recovering or sharing their story.

Anyone that is addicted to benzos are usually confined to bed or can't drive.We need the same support as the other programs out there.


Um....I am a well educated, mature female who would have never in a million years imagined being trapped in the wretched withdrawals of benzos. But yeah...I have hair loss and a lot of other nasty symptoms I never had prior to withdrawal. Everyones experience is different....but valid...shame on you for discounting them.

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